Types of Gifts Accepted

What can you do?

  • Gift of Cash

    In many cases, the most popular and straight forward type of gift is cash. These gifts have an immediate, impact on RAMP’s mission. A gift of cash is easy to do and is tax deductible to the fullest amount allowed by law. A contribution that is postmarked by December 31st is deductible for that tax year. A cash gift to RAMP can be made using cash, check or credit card.

    Make a donation online today.

    If you are unable to donate online, please print out a Donation Form.

  • In-Kind Gift

    In addition to cash contributions, some companies donate their products to RAMP. This type of gift is often referred to as a “in-kind” gift. Your company may have products that can be used by RAMP including office furniture, supplies, equipment, computers, special services, and durable medical equipment. In-kind contributions can qualify for a charitable tax deduction, however; limitations exist on what and how much can be deducted. Please contact your tax advisor for clarification.

  • Sponsorships

    Corporate Sponsors receive a number of excellent benefits. Marketing and promotion for RAMP’s events and programs reach thousands of people through various mediums including the RAMP newsletter and e-newsletter; media sources including radio and TV; RAMP’s website and event specific websites; promotional materials such as posters, event programs, postcards, and event signage/banners.

    Major corporate support for RAMP is expressed through RAMP’s Special Events.

    RAMP’s Wheel-A-Thon events have become a tradition – a tradition that takes an ordinary event (like a walk-a-thon) and introduces a disability awareness aspect by focusing on the ABILITIES of people with disabilities. As people with and without disabilities navigate the 2 mile route, they will encounter challenges as they face curbs, uneven sidewalks, railroad tracks, and probably some tired arms, however; in the end they will realize there are No Limits To What They Can Do!

    Sponsorship opportunities are available for each of the Wheel-A-Thon events.

    Boone County


    Stephenson County

    All Wheel Sponsorship

    RAMP’s Bad Pants Open, a 9 hole golf scramble touts an afternoon of fun with contest holes, drink tasting holes, chair massages, dinner and a silent auction. Collared shirts are required and bad pants are recommended since there are individual and team prizes awarded for the BEST bad pants!

    Sponsorship levels are available that include foursomes.

    The Annual Changing Attitudes, Breaking Barriers Luncheon in Rockford and the new Luncheon, in DeKalb are designed to increase awareness about the issues concerning people with disabilities to help change attitudes and break barriers in the community. Both luncheons seek to raise funds to support RAMP services that empower people with disabilities to realize there are no limits to what they can do.

    Sponsorship opportunities are available for both Luncheon events.



    If you are interested in partnering with RAMP throughout the year, consider becoming a Corporate Partner. We will work with you to create a sponsorship package which meets the specific needs of your marketing, promotion, and advertising plans.

  • Matching Gifts

    Corporate Matching Gifts Double Your Contributions! Many companies match the gifts contributed by their employees. The company’s Matching Gift Form should be sent along with the employee gift so that RAMP can take advantage of this positive corporate support.

    Over 6000 companies offer to “match” contributions their employees and retirees make to nonprofit organizations (like RAMP). The value of your contribution can double or triple in some cases! Ask your company’s business or human resources office for the proper Matching Gift Program form. RAMP staff can assist with the process.

  • Gifts in Memory or Honor

    Give a gift to mark a special occasion or to honor the memory of a relative or friend.

    A Gift in Memory can be made in memory of a relative or friend upon their death. To make a memorial gift, please send your contribution along with acknowledgement information so we can notify the family of your gift. Donations to RAMP in lieu of flowers may also be recommended at the memorial services. Gift Designation Envelopes are available upon request.

    A Gift in Honor is a thoughtful way to mark a special occasion such as a wedding, holiday, or birthday. To make an honorary gift, please send your contribution along with acknowledgement information so we can notify the person honored of your gift.

  • Charitable Bequests

    Leave your legacy and invest in independence by designating a gift to RAMP through your will.

    The term “charitable bequest” is used to describe anything you give or leave to charity from your estate through a will or a revocable “living” trust. An “estate” is any property, money or personal belongings that you have at the time of your death. Most people have an estate when they die, regardless of their amount of assets. Even an individual with a small estate can arrange to leave a charitable bequest.

    Benefits of Bequests:

    • The ability to designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of the net proceeds of the estate
    • The ability to name RAMP as a secondary beneficiary, leaving the bulk of your assets to your family
    • Reducing or avoiding federal estate taxation

    Sample Language for Bequests:

    “I give to Regional Access & Mobilization Project, Inc. (RAMP), an Illinois not-for-profit organization, the sum of $_________ or __________% of residuary estate to be used where the need is greatest to support independent living services. If the stated use becomes impossible or impractical, the Board of Directors and staff of RAMP can determine an alternate use.”

    If you would like to communicate your intentions to leave RAMP in your will, please fill out a Letter of Intent (pdf) and mail to RAMP.

  • Endowment

    Provide support for independent living services beyond what is possible through the annual operating budget by making a contribution to RAMP’s Endowment.

    In 1999, the Board of Directors of RAMP established the Endowment Fund as a way to increase RAMP’s independence and self-determination.

    The interest income generated by the Endowment will be used to enhance the mission of RAMP by supporting continuation and growth of its core services. The principal will remain in the Fund. This allows today’s gift to continue giving.

    RAMP’s Endowment is separate and distinct from the annual operating budget of RAMP.

    Types of gifts accepted to RAMP’s endowment:

    • Cash and Securities
      You may make an outright contribution of cash and/or securities (stocks/bonds/mutual funds). A gift can be made on a periodic basis. Gifts of appreciated stocks or bonds often provide significant tax advantages for the donor.
    • Life Insurance
      You may consider making an outright gift of an existing life insurance policy or purchasing a new policy, designating it to the Endowment Fund, and naming RAMP as owner and/or beneficiary.
    • Bequests
      You may bequest by Will a gift to the Endowment. With this method, you have all of the enjoyment, use and disposition of the intended gift during your lifetime and at death it is used to support the work of RAMP.
    • Additional Gifts
      Every situation is unique and there may be additional giving options that can work specifically for you. For determining which types of gifts will most benefit you, we recommend you discuss all options with your financial advisor and a RAMP Development Staff.
  • Planned Giving

    Commit a gift of assets to RAMP that can maximize tax and other financial benefits while leaving a legacy of support to RAMP.

    Planned Giving allows you to make larger gifts than you otherwise could out of your current assets. Depending on how a planned gift is set up, it may also let you receive a stream of income for life, earn higher investment yield, or reduce your capital gains or the estate taxes, for your heirs.

    A gift can take the form of cash, stocks and other investment instruments, life insurance, land, or other assets and can be made during the donor’s lifetime or upon death.

    • Types of Planned Gifts:
    • Estate Gifts
    • Gift Annuities
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts
    • Life Insurance
    • Real Estate
    • Charitable IRA Rollover

    Every situation is unique and there may be additional giving options that can work specifically for you. For determining which types of gifts will most benefit you, we recommend you discuss all options with your financial advisor.