Teens ‘N Transition

Teens ‘N Transition Booster (T’NT Booster)TNT Blackhawk Bank presenting

T’NT booster prepares middle school students who have IEP’s to be active participants in their transition plan. When a student reaches the age for a transition plan it is important that he/she understands that they are the drivers of their visions and dreams for the future. T’NT Booster is an engaging program that guides teens through mapping their transition plans. Teens learn what a transition plan is and why it is important; they learn what their disability is, and what accommodations work best for them. T’NT Booster also teaches teens how to create, and then present their personal profile to their transition team. Throughout the T’NT booster program, the teens realize that they control their future which helps them make appropriate choices so they can reach their future dreams and goals and realize there are no limits to what they can do.

Teens ‘N Transition (T’NT)

T’NT prepares high school students who receive special education services, (grades 9 through 12 with high incident disabilities) for life after high school. The T’NT curriculum addresses topics such as; preparing for employment, mock interviewing, how to be a good employee, banking, credit, insurance, renting, and higher education. It is co-taught with RAMP staff and the classroom teacher and engages community partners. (Partially funded by Rock River Valley United Way of Winnebago)

The T’NT curriculum was developed by RAMP Youth Education Advocate Cindy Rackow, and completed by two Northern Illinois University Professors, Dr. Toni Van LaarHoven and Erika Blood and follows Federal Core Standards. Each session includes learning objectives and details the materials needed, powerpoint slides and worksheets are also used. A Teacher Manual and Student Workbooks are available.