Independent Living Skills Training

Empowering people

"I am actually proud of myself and have so much more self esteem which carries through my whole life."

The heart and soul of Independent Living is being in control of your own life. RAMP’s independent Living Skills Training empowers people with disabilities to attain new skills and techniques so they are able to participate in daily living, recreational/social opportunities, and vocational/volunteering activities.   Through the creation of self-developed goals RAMP assists motivated individuals to gain greater overall independence.  RAMP can assist with independent living skills training including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Accessing public transportation
  • Developing and managing a personal budget
  • Promoting self-advocacy
  • Teaching home-making skills
  • Utilizing community services
  • Obtaining assistive devices and durable medical equipment
  • Hiring and maintaining a Personal Assistant

RAMP understands that a person with a disability who learns to navigate through daily activities in concert with their disability is free to pursue all the possibilities of life.