Youth Education & Advocacy

All families get overwhelmed, feel lost, or worry that they are not doing everything that they can for their children. RAMP’s Youth Education Advocates (YEA) assist parents of children with disabilities to realize that there are no limits to what they can do. This program exists to give children with disabilities, and their parents, the skills and information they need to ensure that their child receives a fair and equitable education as do their peers without disabilities. We accomplish this through a multi-faceted approach that includes:

  • Negotiating the special education and transition maze in public education
  • Providing information on the laws and rules that affect children with disabilities and their families, school district staff, and the general public, about inclusion, IDEA, the ADA, etc. 
  • Assisting children with disabilities and their parents with understanding their child’s evaluation results, disability, and potential needs
  • Providing educational advocacy to children with disabilities and their families, to assist them in their advocacy efforts with their school district and other organizations in the community
  • Providing children with disabilities independent living skills training that will aid them in their future endeavors and goals of independent living
  • Providing peer counseling and any other support that the child with a disability and their families need to assist them through the educational process and their transition to adult life

Pathways for Success: Preparing for Life After High School is a useful Transition Resource Guide for parents and students.

The program also works with school district personnel and teachers to help them understand their responsibilities to children with disabilities and how to appropriately accommodate their educational needs.

For more information about youth education and advocacy please contact RAMP or visit the Illinois State Board of Education website.