River Run & Wheel-A-Thon

RAMP’s events have become a tradition – a tradition that takes an ordinary event (like a walk or marathon) and introduces a disability awareness aspect by focusing on the abilities of people using a wheelchair. As people with and without disabilities navigate a two mile route, they will encounter some challenges as they face curbs, uneven sidewalks, and tired arms, however; in the end will realize their accomplishments and prove there are NO LIMITS TO WHAT YOU CAN DO!

These are fun, family friendly events to help support the efforts of RAMP in each of the communities RAMP serves.

River Run

Saturday, September 1, 2018

RIVER RUN for pint glasses



Stephenson County Wheel-A-Thon

Thursday, July 26, 2018




Why Not Organize a TEAM?

The Team Challenge promotes friendly competition between teams organized from businesses, organizations, families or just a group of friends! A team is comprised of 2-7 people. If your group exceeds seven, you can form multiple teams! Your team can compete against other teams for fun prizes!

It’s EASY to Participate!

Raise funds by asking family, friends and co-workers to support you while you support RAMP! Use the Sponsor Sheet provided by RAMP to keep track of your donations and help you reach your goal. Set up your own personal webpage and e-mail it to all of your contacts to raise additional funds! Turn in your donations at the event and enjoy the two-mile course using a wheelchair provided by RAMP. Feel free to share a chair with your friends or even walk.

Want to Help RAMP by Creating an Event of Your Own?

Use your creativity and passion to take an active “roll” by fundraising, donating or spreading awareness for RAMP – it only takes a few minutes! Choose from the available options or use your own creative ideas on: http://tinyurl/helpramp

WHEELIE Locations

In addition to our Wheel-A-Thon Events, area businesses in each of the four counties we serve graciously sold “Wheelies” for RAMP. A  Wheelie is a coupon or set of coupons that are purchased for $1 each. The contribution goes to the RAMP location in the county it is sold. If you are interested in sell Wheelies please contact your local RAMP office.

  • What happens @ the Wheel-A-Thon

    On the day of the Wheel-A-Thon, participants arrive in the morning to sign in and turn their pledge and sponsor sheets in. Teams choose a wheelchair and have the opportunity to decorate it, practice and socialize with the other participants. Following the opening ceremony and National Anthem, the wheelers and walkers take off and complete a two-mile course, which takes about forty-five minutes to one hour to complete. Upon finishing the route, complimentary food and beverages are served while the top teams, individuals and sponsors are recognized.

  • Become a Wheel-A-Thon Sponsor

    Wheel-A-Thons include several sponsorship opportunities with significant marketing exposure. Six sponsorship levels are available ranging from $100-$3,000. Companies can choose the sponsorship level that best fits their needs and budget. For the ultimate exposure, companies can choose to sponsor all four Wheel-A-Thons for $7,500 ($10,000 value). Additional sponsorship “packages” can be designed to fit your needs.

    River Run Sponsorship

    Stephenson County Wheel-A-Thon Sponsorship