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Believe it or not, we want to work ourselves out of a job. Society should be fully accessible to all people with any type of disability – no barriers and no limits. RAMP wants people to realize that a disability is not the end, but a normal part of life that can happen to anyone and does not prevent us from making the most of our abilities. When this occurs, agencies like RAMP will no longer be needed. Until that day, RAMP will continue to provide the best services possible. After all, there are no limits to what you can do! RAMP will assist individuals that seek its services and want to achieve their goals by:

  • Requiring that they be part of the solution and take an active role;
  • Being emphatic that their disability is only a part of who they are and focus more on their abilities;
  • Always being honest with them about their choices and opportunities as well as the possible benefits and/or consequences of those same options;
  • Encouraging them to use the talents and passions they possess to create a life of which they are proud.

You have the right to request materials in the language of your preference, including interpreters. To obtain either of these you must give RAMP staff two weeks prior notice.

  1. Overview of Services
    As a Center for Independent Living (CIL), RAMP’s five core services are the foundation of what we do.
    1. Information & Referral – RAMP responds to inquiries from people with disabilities, family members, other service providers, the business community and the general public on programs, resources and other issues related to disabilities.
    2. Peer Support – RAMP has an intimate understanding of the needs and solutions to advance the lives of people with disabilities. RAMP has this understanding because the majority of our staff and board of directors have a disability.
    3. Independent Living Services – services to help people accomplish their goals of independence and how to do those things for themselves.
    4. Individual & Systemic Advocacy – We advocate for the implementation of current laws, promotion of needed legislation and improvement of existing systems for people with disabilities while working to diminish negative attitudes that threaten to impede equal access.
    5. Transition – Services that help individuals with disabilities transition into independent living in the community.

These five core services run consistently through each of the programs and services that RAMP provides. These programs include:
• Youth Education and Advocacy
• Youth Services – iBelong, Ignite, T’NT, Transition
• Pre-Employment Youth Services
• Employment Services
• Traumatic Brain Injury Program
• Personal Assistance Program
• Community Reintegration Program
• Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
• Ramp Building Program
• Accessibility Audits
• Transportation Training

Feel free to read, download or print the RAMP Consumer Handbook.

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